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Manoj Raizada
CEO - NetEdge Consulting

Manoj Raizada has a BE degree from Indian Institute of Science and more than 26 years of experience working on product development and software service delivery.

Manoj Joined Siemens in 1996 in Telecom Business Unit as project manager to manage a large reengineering project Train Radio System for New South Wales, Australia, where he delivered the complex project in record 12 months which was widely appreciated by Media in Australia.

He has been providing solutions for the Mobile Devices, Network Management and UMTS. He had been holding the Business Manager's position since 2001 and has been responsible for business growth and delivery of the services and solutions. The unit setup by him was responsible for a whole range of services to Mobile Device OEMs and ODMs, Network and Business Support Solutions to operators through NSN. He was instrumental in setting up two large ODC for Samsung and Oracle. His contributions to the business growth were recognized and awarded SBS Grand Prix award in 2003 in South Africa.

Before Joining Siemens he was working for the large Defense public sector Bharat Electronics Ltd and was responsible for design and development of 32 bit computer and associated health monitoring and other software for the command and control System for Indian Navy used for electronic Warfare. He started his career with Tata Electric in 1984 as R&D engineer and developed systems for Indian Navy.

Dr. Manoj Saxena

A Gold Medalist in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering with a Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science in the area of Distributed Artificial Intelligence from IIT (Delhi), Dr. Saxena is a first generation entrepreneur and Founder CEO of NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  A  System Architect and Computer Networking Professional having over twenty six years of experience in IT Services and Telecommunication with a specialization in Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing and Problem Solving, he has undergone training at Cornell University on Distributed Systems. He was a member of the committee constituted by Department of Electronics, Government of India for controlling the menace of Computer Viruses and is also a registered Computer Consultant with Asian Development Bank and a voting member of the IEEE committee on LAN standards.

Dr. Saxena founded NetEdge in 1992 after working with leading Indian IT companies like HCL and CMC Ltd. He is the driving force behind the company, providing vision and direction throughout the company's growth. Involved in the conceptualization, design, and architecture of several cutting-edge software products at NetEdge, Dr. Saxena has mentored and encouraged the research and development at NetEdge, incubating new ideas and initiatives that add value added services and exceed customer expectations to clients. NetEdge has tied up with NSIC to establish the NetEdge NSIC Training cum Incubation Center at NOIDA under a Public Private Partnership model to foster entrepreneurship and self employment opportunities in India.

NK Khurana
Director - Skill Development

An Embedded system professional for more than THREE Decades

A graduate from Delhi college of Engg Delhi in Electronics engg and MBA from FMS Delhi

Development Practitioner in excess of 3 decades for Top Military system Manufacturing company Bharat Electronics Ltd. Growth from First job as design engineer to a leader of Two hundred plus team of researchers .Thus culminating his career as Chief Scientist for Central research Laboratory of Bharat electronics Ltd and Spanning research in areas as wide as device fabrication technology to system design for C4I systems for Defence services.

Key area of expertise is focused around Embedded Systems. Has experienced designs through evolution of embedded systems starting with low computing capacity of first offer in late 70's of embedded processor in sub-MIPS range to today capacity of Mega-MIPS & Gflops.Dealt with spectrum of processing devices from all major manufacturer
Projects developed as Radar Beam steering Digital control

Embedded systems for

  • Data acquisition system, Radar Data Processor, Tracking using Kalman filter,
  • Graphic display systems for sensors viz Radars,ESM systems, &Navigation systems
  • Reliable cable data networks, High availability Multiprocessor systems
  • Video and audio Record systems, Radar Signal Processor ,Distributed computing system
  • Sensor controller ,and Fire control system, Remote system controller
  • Command and Control System (C4I), & Simulators for sensors and integrated Military formations including FCS and Weapon controls
Large size high reliability software Designs for embedded Applications including major functions as Sensor control, Integrated data base, Multi sensor data fusion(MSDF).

The work on embedded systems including activities from design prototype to system integration, and Validation. Thus followed by Manufacturing, operation and maintenance through life cycle.

Widely travelled and trainened on complex Electronic products and systems. Exposure to technology collaborations with world research and product design companies in USA, Europe and Russia

Anil Peshin
Director - Strategic marketing

Anil has around 15+ years of Experience in building DSP and Embedded Systems from concept to delivery. He has worked with Bharat Electronics on RADAR Signal Priocessing, Display systems and RADAR Simulator applications, Texas Instruments on OMAPTM software development for Smart Phone applications and TI-DSP / Code Composer StudioTM product engineering for mass market release, Spectrum InfoTech on Video Display systems for Light Combat Avionics and OSI Systems on Bio-Medical Signal Processing for Vital Signs Monitors of Dolphin / Space Labs Medical.

Having gained considerable experience in the areas of Engineering management, Business development, and Entrepreneurial mindset relevant in today's market, Anil had a brief stint at his entrpreurial venture ArtofDSP Labs where he was responsible for Market research, Product road mapping, Product strategy and Related Business Development. He nurtured Strategic alliances to establish market position and partnered with related companies for Design and marketing solutions to various clients before finishing his MBA.

His current focus is Customer value addition and fostering Innovation through marketing of Netedge Products and services.