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Software Outsourcing

Application / Embedded  software development at NetEdge helps organizations be future-oriented, leading and competitive in their business while at the same time being quality oriented and cost effective in their business critical applications.

Our software development process consists of complete SDLC Using Agile/Waterfall methods that includes Requirement Analysis, Technology, Architecture and Design, Development and Unit Testing, and System and Integration Testing of the application

Our key application development services include: Bespoke Software Developments
Often, the software application that fits your specific business process simply isn’t available. When packaged software solutions aren’t sufficient and flexible enough for your organization, our custom application development service is the best suited solution for your requirements. Offshore Development Centre
Netedge has expertise in setup of the low cost Development centre for our clients. It could be on any technology .
Client can start with a small team initially

  • Scale up the team at a later stage
  • Development center can be setup in a phased manner
  • They can Start operating at NETEDGE development Center
  • Can Move from NETEDGE development center to dedicated location as they grow.
  • NETEDGE will handle the overall Operations and Administration of the ODC.
  • The Client can have their Project Managers / Technical Managers managing the projects,

ODC Buy Option (Build - Operate - Transfer)
In the Build Operate and Transfer Model of ODC,

  • The ODC will be built based on the requirements of the Client
  • Will be run on a pre-defined terms and conditions
  • Will be set up and managed by NETEDGE for the client for a particular period of time.
  • After a predefined period of time based on a predefined terms and conditions the ODC will be transferred to the Client control.
  • In case the Client would like to buy the ODC, the purchase value of the ODC would be calculated for the engineers  being transferred from the ODC to the Client.
  • All facilities / infrastructure used by the ODC could also be acquired by the Client on payment of the written down value of the facility / infrastructure.
  • This model helps clients build up its own facility in India without having to be exposed to entry-level hassles.

Key Functional Areas
To achieve the maximum benefit from an engagement, NETEDGE has identified some key areas where it can provide value.

Risk Management Plan

  • Attrition issues: Better practices will ensure low attrition and proper knowledge management / transfer method in place to make any kind of transition smooth.
  • Cultural Integration: NETEDGE will carry out the cultural orientation program for the ODC team.
  • Transition / Skill Orientation: NETEDGE can organize the training setup for the client to do a structured skill orientation and transition of knowledge to bring the team up to speed on the job.

NETEDGE will ensure that the communication between the Client onsite team, the Client offshore team (the ODC) and NETEDGE is effective Predefined critical information is be communicated as per schedule There will be a Command Structure defined and established at NETEDGE to deal with the client

Ramp up and ramp down
Specific to the projects the manpower needs may vary from period to period. For any changes in the Team size, the client is required to give a one-month advance notice to NETEDGE for any ramp up and 45-day notice for any ramp down of the resources. In case the advance notice is less than a month, then contingency charges based on mutual agreements will be applicable.

Protection of IP
NETEDGE, having worked with global customers in US, UK and Continental Europe, appreciates the seriousness with which issues relating to IP are to be dealt with. To that effect, NETEDGE is willing to sign statements that indicate clearly, all IP rights will lie solely with the client, prior to the start of the project and that NETEDGE has no claim whatsoever on the IP for the Client's provided software, or for that software that is to be developed for the Client.

Commercial Framework
All resources committed to the project are billed on an hourly basis on agreed rates for various levels and skill sets. Hours spent on projects are tracked through time sheets or any other mutually agreed method.

Exit Policy
At the end of the contract, or any termination, for whatever reason, NETEDGE would immediately return all material related to the project, to the Client. NETEDGE is also open to the idea of having an external, Client sponsored entity, certify that all steps have been taken to ensure that the IP has been protected and that NETEDGE has returned all material that is considered the Client's property, to the Client.

Other Support
Change Management System
Security and backup policies
Project Level Considerations

  • Collaboration within the Team
  • Project Team information
  • Version Control & documentation